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Personal Bankruptcy

Life isn’t always a smooth easy cruising path. Often life is more a road full of peaks—the kind that make it all worth it—and dreaded and often unexpected valleys that make us want to jump out of the car!
Finding yourself in a financial valley may be the worst and most dreaded valley of all. But this type of valley need not be permanent. You may be able to climb out of your financial purgatory and begin again on a fresh path towards a financial peak.

Is Bankruptcy right for you?
If you are struggling with debt, if you have mounting overdue credit card payments, if you are receiving relentless calls from collection companies, or if you are being sued for defaulting on your payments, personal bankruptcy may offer you much needed relief.

Filing for bankruptcy carries serious long term consequences and each debtor’s circumstance is different and requires a careful assessment and careful consideration before filing for bankruptcy. Please see our Q and A section for more information.

We may be able to help you!
Our office has provided competent, reliable, and professional representation to man throughout the tristate area. We have been able to help many begin a fresh financial start. We offer a thorough consultation to assess each individual’s specific needs and situation in order to guide them in the right direction. We provide each of our clients with the best and most efficient solution for them, and advise when bankruptcy is not the best choice.