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Plaintiffs granted money judgment for Defendant’s dishonored checks in business venture

Queens Supreme Court Justice Allan B. Weiss awarded two money judgments to plaintiffs who were Queens residents at the time they entered into a business venture with defendant. In or around 2006 two individual plaintiffs signed a shareholder agreement with defendant for the purpose of running a restaurant business in Nassau County, Long Island, New York. The restaurant proved to be successful, soon after the defendant offered to buy plaintiffs’ shares in the business, and plaintiffs agreed to sell.

Thereafter, defendant made down payments for the shares, and gave plaintiffs two post-dated checks for the remaining balance. When the remaining payments were due plaintiffs deposited the checks but to their dismay both checks bounced. Plaintiffs many attempts to collect the owed balance from defendant failed and the lawsuit followed. In awarding the money judgment in favor of plaintiffs, Justice Weiss declared that the plaintiffs demonstrated their entitlement to money judgment as against the defendant. In light of the overwhelming evidence, Justice Weiss noted that defendant failed to disprove the plaintiffs’ allegations as to his liability on the checks.

Plaintiffs’ effort did not stop there. After obtaining the money judgment, plaintiffs successfully collected on their judgment.

Plaintiffs in this case were represented by Usar Law Group, P.C.

Read the Supreme Court Decision/Order below: